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Will YOU escape??

We are excited to invite you and your 5th grader to a very special event coming up on July 30, 2019 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. This event is called “Escape from 5th Grade.” This event will celebrate your 5th grader’s move to the next phase: Middle School! Think of it as a coming of age celebration that helps to bring dignity and intentionality to an otherwise awkward life transition. It’s an opportunity to identify critical influences in the life of your preteen, to surround them with support, and imagine the end for your child.

Here’s what’s involved: We will begin with a fun, escape room adventure that you will experience with your child in groups. After the fun, we will have a short program highlighting what’s next for your child in the coming phase, and then end the night with some yummy desserts! To allow for this time to be a focus on your 5th grader, we are asking you to find other arrangements for younger siblings as this event is only for you and your 5th grader.

Questions? Email Charlotte Joos (cjoos@pleasantvalley.org)