Finance Team

PURPOSE: Finance Team shall assure that the Church has strong financial policies, procedures, and guidelines and that the Church’s financial records are audited annually.


This team shall be composed of five (5) team members which include the Treasurer (See Bylaws Article II Governance, Section 2.1 – Treasurer) and four other team members, one of whom the team will select to serve on the Leadership Team and as Assistant Treasurer.


Elected to serve four (4)-year terms.


  • Give oversight to the Church’s financial policies and procedures.
  • Work with the Church’s Administrator who is responsible for the day-to-day financial management.
  • Review and recommend revisions at least annually.
  • Review financial reports monthly.
  • Establish investment guidelines.
  • Recommend persons to serve on the Internal Audit Committee to the Leadership Team; Interview and select the external audit firm.
  • Establish the scope of both internal and external audits.


  • Accounting, business and/or finance/investment background.
  • It is preferable that team members have varying skills and expertise in the areas of accounting and finance.
  • Ability to understand financial statements.


  • Demonstrate spiritual maturity.
  • Have a good reputation within and outside the Church.
  • Be a member of the Church for at least two years.
  • Practice tithing.
  • Be an active member of a Church Community Group.
  • Participate regularly in corporate worship.
  • Demonstrate service to the Church.


Approximately 3 to 6 hours per month including attendance at bimonthly meetings.

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