Kelly Broadway

In the midst of setbacks and struggles, Kelly found that God has never left her side.

Read and watch her story of hope.

Kelly was born in the inner city of Kansas City. She was born with a birth defect that would require several colostomy surgeries throughout her life.

I think my mom really protected me from a lot of stuff. Life just felt safe. We would make mud pies, pick dandelions to give to my mom, and we would often play the “He loves me, he loves me not” game.

Kelly’s mom was a strong Christian who taught her to always trust in God.

My father made a conscious decision not to be in my life – period. It affected how I saw myself. I felt almost unworthy, especially when I would see other little girls with their dads. At the time I was super tiny, had a big head, and was really light-skinned. So my mom said, “Kelly, you’ll always have to be careful, people may be mean to you.” Well, with colostomy bags, there were many times when I would have accidents on myself. So, kids began to bully me, and it connected with what my mom had said: “Now they’re going to pick on you because of this.” It all began to be overwhelming.

So, being creative, I thought I’d negotiate with God. I said, “Ok God, I’ve had a rough life, so how about you control 80 percent, and I’ll control 20 percent of my life.” I’ve always been a dreamer, and not too long after I uttered those words, I had a dream and God said: “How about you take 100, and I’ll watch?” I gasped, and said “Oh no! How about I give you 100 percent, and I follow you.”

I remember the day that the doctor sat on the side of the bed after one of my surgeries, and he put his hand on my leg and said: “Kelly, you’re never going to have kids.” I just remember bawling, because I wanted to be the kind of mom that my mom was to me.

The Lord got ahold me really quick and said: “Just because you may not be able to have a child, doesn’t mean you won’t be a mom.” I just said, “Well, I’m going to wait this one out and see.”

Kelly applied to be an adoptive parent. She was approved one year to the day after her own mother passed away. She raised her son Jordon with the support of her Pleasant Valley family.

God has a plan. So then it becomes a matter of just trusting. He reminded me “You were born with a birth defect – but I used it. You were born without a father – but I’m all you’ll ever need. I’m your father. You were bullied – now you have a passion to be an advocate for others.”

God is faithful. He’s faithful to carry me through all the phases in my life. So moving forward, He’s a God who doesn’t change, so why would I think He would do anything different? When I don’t understand what He does, I trust who He is, because He has shown me who He is in my past.

It goes back to the dandelion – “He loves me, he loves me not.”

Looking back at my life, it is now “He loves me, he loves me.” He proves He loves me. That is why I have hope.