Mat Karger

Having chased a life of drugs and success, Mat discovered that true life comes from God.

I always believed in God, but I didn’t think that I personally was a sinner against God.

Once I graduated high school, I went to MO state. I felt like I had arrived, that I could do whatever I wanted to.

My roommate and I started selling drugs. At that time in my life, I wanted to have the money, the American dream, the big house and nice car. I felt like that was the things that were going to fulfill me, so I went after that.

In that time in my life, if I was going to be doing anything if was going to be going to the store, a friends house, I had to get high first.

I was trying to fill that void in my life with drugs, alcohol, money, job, status. I didn’t have a job for six months. every day I would wake up and have nothing to do all day. the only thing on my mind was getting high.

It wasn’t until that time in my life where I wondered “There’s got to be more to life than this.”

I thought that by selling drugs I would have all the money, but I didn’t. That plan didn’t work and left me super empty.

That’s when I started to question what is life about.

I began questioning one of my friends: “Why is it that sometimes God feels so close, and other times He feels completely distant? Nowhere to be found.”

He had grown up in a Christian home. He showed me the verse that says “God never changes. He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

He told me that God doesn’t change – we are the ones that change.

One of his friends who came over one day told me about a ministry called Freeway Ministries. He told me that they had podcasts online. Me and that same buddy listened to a couple of their sermons online.

When I heard this guy preach, it was nothing like I had experienced before.

It wasn’t until one night I listened to a sermon online by myself and it was about hungering and thirsting for righteousness, and I remember listening to that sermon, and it was if God was speaking directly to me.

I had always thought that I was good with God. But I realized that night that I wasn’t right with God. I was hungering and thirsting for all the wrong things.

That was my tipping point. All I could do was just weep.

I committed my life to Him.

Ever since then, God delivered me from the drugs, the alcohol, and I haven’t looked back on that since that night. That night was the beginning of everything.

I used to sell drugs, but now God has completely redeemed me.

Instead of pursuing drugs I’m pursuing Him. But now I go after God just as hard as I was going after drugs.

I remember the preacher at Freeway once said: “I was a drug dealer, but now I’m a hope dealer.” That’s the truth.