Ministries Team

PURPOSE: The Ministries Team will work to ensure visionary and strategic alignment between/among various ministries serving children, students, and adults.


  • This team shall be composed of seven (7) team members, one of whom the team will select to serve on the Leadership Team.
  • Preferably team members will include a wide representation of the various ministry areas at PV that minister to adults, students, and children.


Elected to serve four (4)-year terms.


  • Work with Associate Pastor – Spiritual Development to evaluate the effectiveness of current ministries in accomplishing PV’s mission.
  • Work with Ministry Staff Leaders to explore innovative approaches to ministry in order to more effectively reach and grow reproducing disciples.
  • Review and give input on annual ministry plans and budgets associated with the various ministries to adults, children, and students.
  • Review and give input to the leadership development strategy in the various ministry areas.
  • Provide strategic counsel and feedback to Staff Leadership when implementing new ministry initiatives/programs/events.


  • Ability to think strategically.
  • Proven track record of developing leaders in ministry.


  • Demonstrate spiritual maturity.
  • Be of good reputation within and outside the Church.
  • Be members of the Church for at least two years.
  • Practice tithing.
  • Be active members of a Church Community Group.
  • Participate regularly in corporate worship.
  • Currently serving in ministry and/or group leadership.


Approximately 2 to 4 hours per month including attendance at bi-monthly meetings.

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