Is 55:12–13

12 You will indeed go out with joy 

and be peacefully guided; 

the mountains and the hills will break into singing before you, 

and all the trees of the field will clap their hands. 

13 Instead of the thornbush, a cypress will come up, 

and instead of the brier, a myrtle will come up; 

this will stand as a monument for the Lord, 

an everlasting sign that will not be destroyed. 

What a beautiful picture of a life empowered and blessed because they seek after God.  God promises us joy and peace as he guides us through our days.  The world becomes alive to us like never before with a vitality that only He could produce.  Difficulties become opportunities of beauty that point to the majesty of our Maker.  We can live in the blessed assurance of an everlasting relationship with the God of all creation.   


  • Ask God to lead your life with joy and guide you in His peace because you trust in Him for your life.  
  • Ask Him to show you how he is at work all around you bringing the great blessing of a full life.  
  • Commit to Him your willingness to trust in Him and His ways when difficulties in life come your way.
  • Thank Him for His great promise of an everlasting relationship that can never be destroyed. 
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