Psalm 66:5-7

Come and see what God has done, 

His awesome deeds for mankind! 

He turned the sea into dry land, 

they passed through the waters on foot— 

come, let us rejoice in Him. 

He rules forever by His power, 

His eyes watch the nations— 

let not the rebellious rise up against Him. 

Our God is an ever watching and benevolent Father.  Nothing misses His notice.  What seems impossible to us is an opportunity for Him to demonstrate again His great power and strength.  He provides the way where He leads His people, and His actions cause us to rejoice in Him.  His awesome power is not limited by either time nor nature, and the nations of the world are subject to Him.  No one and nothing can stand against Him, so all the world, from the great to the small, may see and praise His awesome deeds.  


  • Praise God for the awesome things He has done in your life.
  • Praise Him for the ways He has led you through difficult times in your life
  • Express honor to Him in your own words for His actions that you see.
  • Thank Him that He sees and knows everything that is going on in your life and around the world.
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