Psalm 66:8-12

Praise our God, all peoples, 

let the sound of His praise be heard; 

He has preserved our lives 

and kept our feet from slipping. 

10 For You, God, tested us; 

You refined us like silver. 

11 You brought us into prison 

and laid burdens on our backs. 

12 You let people ride over our heads; 

we went through fire and water, 

but You brought us to a place of abundance. 

No one deserves our praise more than God Himself.  His watch and care over our lives brings the hope of security to face the challenges of our days.  His estimation of who we are, and what our lives can be, is vastly superior to our own suppositions.  He knows the value of our lives because He tests and refines us to make us like pure silver so we would reflect His good image.  He allows us to go through the refiner’s fires and to experience the challenges of great difficulties because these are the paths that produce His abundant fruitfulness and ultimately increase our joy in His presence.   


Father, thank you for your faithfulness to us even in the midst of our challenges.  Help me to realize that even in the times of testing your goodness will hold me fast.  Father, even when I feel like I cannot take any more pressure in my life, I know You have never left or forsaken me and that truth gives me hope for my day.  Even if people mistreat me and the circumstances overwhelm me, I know You lead me to your abundant self, and for that I am forever grateful.  Amen.  

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