Compassion Outreach

We serve because we believe Jesus has reach out and care for “the least of these.” Through our whole-life generosity, we want to see lives restored in our community. Through Compassion Outreach, we not only want to see tangible needs met, but we want to build relationships with individuals so opportunities will open up to share the Gospel.

Survey for Service

If you’re interested in serving our local community, please fill out the Survey for Service. Once we receive your completed survey, we will connect you with the appropriate Local Compassion Outreach Partner. We will then provide support, encouragement and follow-up as you engage in this service opportunity.

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Kingdom Causes

We’ve identified eight Kingdom causes to focus Local Compassion Outreach efforts around and are teaming up with community partners who are experts at providing care and addressing the needs of that Kingdom cause. While these causes are all different, we know that the core of each of these is a spiritual problem and the only answer is the power of Jesus Christ!

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Education goes beyond just the time in a classroom. In order to ensure quality education for children in areas of concentrated poverty, all aspects of family and community life must be engaged in the process of educating children.

Partners: Gordon Parks Elementary (charter), Excelsior Springs School District, The Hope Center, Liberty Public Schools, Liberty Academy, North Kansas City School District, Urban Christian Academy

Family & Economic Security

Low income families are more likely to experience crisis due to lack of savings and assets than middle income families, the largest factors being employment, affordable childcare, and ability to develop and protect assets.

Partners: Beauty for Ashes (prison ministry), City Union Mission, Freedom Fire, Love INC, The Hope Center, Hope-Faith Ministries

Disaster Relief

The North American Mission Board (NAMB) and state convention partners organize Southern Baptists’ response to disasters, contributing manpower, ministry, and financial help during all kinds of natural and urban disasters.

Partners: American Red Cross, Chainsaw Ministry, SBC Disaster Relief American Red Cross, Chainsaw Ministry, SBC Disaster Relief


Health partners seek to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of at-risk individuals in their time of need.

Partners: Hope-Faith Ministries, Liberty Women’s Clinic, Love INC

Housing & Energy

A household is considered “cost burdened” if more than 30% of their income goes toward housing costs. In Missouri, low-income households pay an average of 46% of their gross pay towards two expenses, housing and energy costs. The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) assisted over 140, 230 households in Missouri in 2014. Most of these households include young children, disabled individuals, or elderly.

Partners: City Union Mission, Hillcrest Hope, Hope-Faith Ministries, Rebuilding Together KC

Foster Care & Adoption

Child Welfare needs include Prevention (assisting families to avoid removal of children due to inadequate provisions), Foster Care, Adoption, and Transition (foster children becoming adults). Across this spectrum are physical, relational, and family needs. Missouri currently has over 13,000 children in Foster Care.

Partners: CarePortal

Food Security

Missouri has the seventh highest food insecurity rate in the country, with 16.8% of its population classified as food insecure. In addition, 7.9% of Missourians have very low food security, meaning there are “multiple indications of disrupted eating patterns and reduced food intake.” In
2014, 1,190,600 Missourians visited a local food bank.

Partners: Feed Northland Kids, In As Much, Hillcrest Hope, Liberty Public Schools, Hope-Faith Ministries

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is modern day slavery. People are trafficked for the purpose of forced labor, sexual exploitation and even organ harvesting. This issue is a spiritual problem at its core and the only answer is the power of Jesus Christ!

Partners: Restoration House