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It’s time to 🗣 about the 🐘 in the room.

The biggest elephant in the room of our world is the battle for our hearts and minds – and let’s be honest, we aren’t winning. What if Jesus not only cared about our eternity, but also our present reality?

What if the church ripped the lid off the conversation on mental health? Let’s change the narrative – together.

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Week 1: The Struggle Is Real

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Week 2: Hope For The Depressed

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Week 3: Help For The Anxious

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Week 4: Guard Your Mind

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Week 5: Shame

Coming October 12-13

A Conversation On Mental Health

Join us on Tuesday, October 15 at 7PM for a Conversation On Mental Health – a panel conversation with area pastors, mental health professionals, and caretakers. Bring your hardest questions as our team seeks to break the stigma and discuss the issues that impact our families and friends every day.

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