#WhyIServe | Janna Brown

I would have to say the biggest benefit of serving in the nursery has been all the new people that I’ve met. When we first moved here we felt like PV was a huge church, and that there was no way we could find community. But serving changed me, forced me to get out of my box and get more involved.

Giving back to families by cuddling with these cuties helps me to connect to so many people I would never have met in the aisles of the worship center. Many of them have become really good friends.

This is Madeline and Angie, and we have become friends outside of church from serving together. From going to Madeline’s graduation to Angie and I now running together, those I serve with have become family!

You have to get over the fact that PV seems so ginormous when you pull up and take a risk! Once you find your place to serve, you find that PV really isn’t that big after all.

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