God uses broken things…and bruised-but-not-yet-fully-broken things.  Truthfully, we are all “damaged goods.”

Satan would use our broken and bruised places to shame us.  Satan wants us to think God can’t love us because we are “too far gone” – too broken, to horrible, to damaged. The truth – that Satan would rather you not ever hear or possess —  is that scripture is loaded up with stories of God using broken and bruised people. Here are just a few:

  • Abram, who lied about his wife to protect himself, was used to bless all families of the earth. (Genesis 12
  • Moses, a murderer who beat people to death, was God’s man to lead Israel out of Egypt. (Exodus 2, 3)
  • Gideon, a coward threshing wheat in secret in a wine press, God used to rescue His people from the Midianites. (Judges 6)
  • Rahab, a prostitute, was the one God used to protect Israel’s spies in Jericho. (Joshua 2)

Clearly, the list is long. The sins are many, varied, frightening, and often bloody.  Were most of us to stack our trespasses up against these folks, we would find we haven’t murdered half as many people as Paul, or been degraded nearly as much as Rahab.  Some of us might be able to match them – and my heart goes out to you over that if that is you.  I can promise you did not come into the world as a baby hoping to be beaten, abused, neglected, shamed or hated.  Adults, who can stack their transgressions against the “pillars of the faith” in the Bible and come close to measuring even, often have a long list of injuries done to them that create them to be such a person.   Sin begets sin.  

 This is why God hates sin so much – it creates broken people.  Broken people harm other people.  So as we grow from infancy towards adulthood, we who are broken break others around us in our hate, anger, and shame.

Yet God uses broken things. 

If ever there was a word of encouragement to hold close to your chest it is this:  you can never be so broken that God cannot redeem you.  There is no sin you have committed that God cannot forgive you.  You are never so broken you cannot be healed.  You are more than just an object of pity to God – you are his Beloved and He is more than able to make use of you in His Kingdom.

The Table of the Lord (1 Cor 10:21), The Wedding Supper of The Lamb (Rev 19 7-10), the Kingdom of Heaven (Mathew 16:19) are not filled with perfect people.  No look-good, smell-good, air-brushed Hollywood perfection here.  It is filled with broken people – ugly, imperfect, sinful, willful, hard-to-love people – who have been made perfect by God’s love and grace.

This is why it is a gift – and not earned.  If we could earn it, we would boast.  When it is only something we can receive as a blessing, then we sit humbly at the table and put head to the dust at God’s feet.  

I am a broken thing.  You are a broken thing.  But oh!  How God’s love covers us all!! 

God uses broken things.