Church Clerk (Corporate Secretary)

PURPOSE: The Clerk (Secretary of the Corporation) is an elected corporate officer who oversees the preparation and maintenance of a faithful record of business meetings, arranges for the safekeeping of these records, and provides access to any member on the basis of a reasonable request.


Elected to serve four (4)-year terms.


  • Member of the Leadership Team.
  • Serves as primary communicator to the Team in regard to meetings, and distributes the agenda and supporting documents.
  • Participates in meetings of the Team and takes minutes of meetings and all actions of the Team.
  • Sends email action items to the Team for consideration and approval, and prepares minutes of email actions for Team ratification at the next Team meeting.
  • Attends business meetings of the Church and takes minutes.
  • Provides minutes of church business meetings for the Book of Reports, which is prepared for the annual business meeting in November of each year.
  • Signs corporate documents and applies the corporate seal as necessary.


  • Good listener and ability to retain and record accurately motions, action items, etc.
  • Ability to understand and apply basic grammar and punctuation rules to the writing of minutes.


  • Demonstrate spiritual maturity.
  • Have a good reputation within and outside the Church.
  • Be a member of the Church for at least two years.
  • Practice tithing.
  • Be an active member of a Church Community Group.
  • Participate regularly in corporate worship.
  • Demonstrate service to the Church.


  • Approximately five Team meetings in a calendar year, each at two to three hours in length and the annual and special-called business meetings. (Additional meetings may be scheduled.)
  • Preparation of minutes for review – approximately 30 minutes to one hour per each meeting and occasional times to sign corporate documents as needed.

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